Virtual reality simulators

Over the past few years we have developed world first virtual reality simulators allowing the general public to experience what is normally only left to the professionals of the sporting world.

Want to jump 20ft into the air on a 450cc Motocross bike? No Problem. Dreamt of catching that elusive 8ft wave and riding the barrel like Kelly Slater? We got you.

Always wanted to hit the track @ 300kms/per hour like Rossi. Climb on.  You ever barrel rolled a Jet Ski? Hold tight.

TEAM building

Whether you need to build office moral or just need to take a break and have a little fun our VR team building package is a great option.

Split into teams of 4 each team is tasked with diffusing a virtual bomb. One team member has to describe what only they can see inside the VR headset whilst the other 3 team members have the manual on how to defuse the bomb, as you progress so does the difficulty and only those that work as a team and remain calm will succeed. it's highly addictive and loads of fun.

3Sixty° Property tours

Weather you are looking to sell a property or save every detail for a rental agreement. Look no further. 

Time is money why not let your clients do immersive tours in the comfort of their home and let them decide which they really want to see in person, 

It really is the best way to showcase a record every nook and cranny!

3Sixty° live streaming

Sometimes watching a live stream of an event leaves you wanting to watch the reaction from the audience rather than just the speaker, or have a look at who in the audience is posing a question. With our live streaming service you won't feel the disconnect of not being there. It really is the future.

From weddings to 21st's, business conferences and even funerals, Stream it Live in 360° & let your audience look where they want to look. Stream it on YouTube & share the experience in Virtual Reality!

3Sixty° Video production

Corporate training videos have moved on: Gone are the days of lengthy induction videos and board room slides taking up the valuable time of your employees. We have the ability to record induction tours highlighting assembly points, danger or denied access zones and points of interests to name a few.

First person training 360° videos are also available and especially suited for high turnover positions and are fantastic for remote learning capabilities.

Birthday parties, corporate & private functions:
No matter how big or how small if you looking to add excitement to your function we have a package to suit your needs. Entertaining and drawing a crowd is what we do best.


If 2020 has taught us anything it's that nothing is guaranteed anymore and we all need to take control of our financial future. Hence we have decided to offer our unique mobile virtual reality entertainment business available to those wanting to secure their future. 

Whether you are wanting to operate part time or make it your full time business, both options have the ability to let you be in control of your income. Part time income earning potential between R3000 & R30,000 per month working weekends only.  Full time operation could have you earning in excess of R60,000 per month. We have different packages available to suit your individual needs providing you with scalability and further income earning potential. 

All training and equipment is supplied. We currently have 10 different VR Simulators to choose from, VR gaming options, corporate team building solutions and merchandise to retail. 

Packages start from as little as R30 000.00
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