Where It All Began 
(Us, not the Universe)

A long long time ago (roughly 2016) before virtual reality was on anybodies mind. We had a vision of what was possible with this new technology and the gumption to give it a go with our unique twist. Always looking into the future we decided to pour our efforts into VR and move on from conventional videography. 

Airworx VR is a specialized virtual reality production and simulator manufacturing business, passionate about new technologies and dedicated to inventing new and exciting experiences.

What was once a wild idea has grown into a service offering that we could have only dreamt of. Virtual reality simulators, we got them. First person training videos, we got you. Corporate induction videos look no further and Team Building let's do this... Want to know more? 

View our services page or contact us via email link or dial our digits we are super nice, Promise!

our services

Vr Simulators

We offer a wide range of simulators for different sports and experiences
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VR Team Building

Bomb defusal team building with simulator experience
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360° Property Tours

Look no further than Airworx 3sixty° tours. The best way to showcase every nook and cranny!
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360° Live Streaming

From weddings to 21st's, business conferences and even funerals, Stream it Live in 360° 
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360° video production

Let us produce a 360° masterpiece for you and let your customers see EVERYTHING you have to offer!
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Franchise options

We are offering our unique mobile virtual reality entertainment business available to those wanting to secure their future.
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